Deep Creek Birdwatching

Guided Birdwatching Tour in Deep Creek

Private birding tours for Naiko Retreat guests

Deep Creek Birdwatching Tours

Deep Creek and Talisker is an absolutely perfect location for birdwatching in South Australia. With over 100 different species of Australian birds in the National Park, you can see something new on every branch!

Birdwatching Australia offers private guided birding tours for guests of Naiko Retreat that will have you seeing a huge variety of birdlife. The 4 hour tour is completely private and limited to 6 people, and you can customise the tour as you wish. Being a small group we will have a better opportunity to get up close to the birds and wildlife. We’ll explore the incredible Naiko Retreat property on foot, going to the best birding spots for the optimal chance to see as many birds as possible. Whether you love White bellied Sea Eagles, Fairy Wrens or Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo; the abundance of birdlife at Talisker Conservation Park and Naiko Retreat is astounding.

Naiko Retreat Birding Tour

A remote and private land where nature can flourish and birdlife can thrive. Birdwatching Australia invites you and your guests for a private birding tour on Naiko Retreat’s stunning property and the beautiful Talisker Conservation Park.

What’s included in the Naiko Retreat Birdwatching Tour?

4 hour private tour

Private tour with only you & your guests

Talisker Mine Tour

Explore Rarkang and learn about Talisker Mine and the birds along the trail

Exlusive Tour

This tour is exlusive to guests staying at Naiko Retreat

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Luxury Birdwatching Tour South Australia

Naiko Retreat is a luxury eco accommodation located between Deep Creek National Park and Talisker Conservation Park offering a unique experience to its guests. The eco conscious and secluded retreat overlooks its own pristine beach, sleeps a maximum of 6 guests in three identical king bedrooms each with ensuite bathroom and is the perfect place to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature.

This self-contained, off-grid property is completely secluded and away from the noise of city life and provides guests with the opportunity to really unwind from the busyness and immerse themselves in an eco-centred relaxation retreat.

Birdwatching in South Australia

We offer tours across South Australia, but Rarkang, the 2,000 acre property on which Naiko Retreat is situated is truly one of the best places in the state for seeing a huge variety of bird species in such a concentrated space. Rarkang shares the same species as the neighbouring Deep Creek National Park and Talisker Conservation Park.

Deep Creek & Talisker are home to over 100 bird species including Wrens, Herons, Honeyeaters, Spinebills, Thornbills, Wattlebirds, Falcons, Eagles and more. It’s one of my favourite places to go birdwatching and wildlife spotting due to the great variety you’ll see on such a short walk. On the tour we’ll explore Rarkang and Talisker Conservation Park, spotting some iconic Australian animals like kangaroos, echdina, shingleback lizard and more! The waters between Deep Creek and Kangaroo Island are home to pods of dolphins and are often seen surfing the waves, and depending on the time of year, we might even be lucky enough to see whales!

Guided Birdwatching Tour at Naiko Retreat

Naiko Retreat guests are welcome to explore the property on their own but a guided birdwatching tour can bring a new perspective to the area and its animals, and will help you spot more animals than you would without your guide. With knowledge about the birdlife, the wildlife and the area, we’ll create an exciting tour full of information and fun.

As part of the tour package, we will also give you the photos that we take on the tour that you can then post to your social media! Plus, during the tour we can take as many photos of you and your guests as you want; whether it’s for your website, for travel content or again for social media. All of the photography is inclusive of your tour package so you can stress less about capturing bird photos with your phone and spend more time taking in your surroundings.

Birdwatching Tour Guest’s Testimonial

I enjoy being out in nature but don’t know too much about the birds or wildlife of Australia which made the tour really interesting. Me, my wife and guests did the tour and thought it was amazing. Learning about South Australia’s bird species and seeing them up close and with a new perspective was such a unique day experience. I definitely recommend the tour for anyone visiting from overseas or for Aussie guests who want to appreciate SA’s birdlife some more.

– Henry & guests

Birdlife in Deep Creek

Deep Creek & Talisker Conservation Park’s abundance of birdlife makes for incredible hiking experiences as you’re always listening to bird calls and the rustling of leaves in the woodlands from a range of wildlife. The hike’s views are absolutely stunning and the incredible coastline makes for such an exciting backdrop on our birdwatching expedition. Our 4 hour walks will have you discovering so much about the area, local history, the birdlife and the wildlife. If you’re looking to immerse yourself even more in nature when staying at Naiko Retreat then our Talisker Conservation Park Birdwatching Tour might just be perfect for you!

What bird species are in Deep Creek?

Deep Creek National Park and Talisker Conservation Park have over 100 bird species including Boobooks, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Cormorants, Falcons, Wedge Tailed Eagles, White-bellied Sea Eagles, Herons, Lorikeets, Honeyeaters, Spinebills, Wagtails, Whistlers, Thornbills and much more. It’s truly a diverse range of wildlife, making it one of my favourite places to go birdwatching! Deep Creek & Talisker are also home to one of my favourite birds, the Fairywren, and you never know what’s in the next tree.

Luxury Accommodation for Birdwatching in South Australia

Birdwatching Australia has teamed up with Naiko Retreat to offer guests an exclusive offer that only guests can experience. As part of Naiko Retreat’s long list of amazing experiences we want to cater to guests who want to immerse themselves further in the property of Rarkang on which Naiko Retreat is situated and the further Talisker Conservation Park.

Bird Photography in Deep Creek

As part of the tour you’ll receive all the photos taken on the day for no additional fee which you can post on your social media! During the birding tour you can also ask me to take photos of you and your guests as you walk the magnificent landscape so you can capture your Naiko Retreat experience even better. Be sure to bring your camera on the tour as you’ll be taking a ton of photographs during the hike of the landscape, birdlife and wildlife (and a selfie or two).

Private Luxury Birding Tours

Our birding tours are completely private, meaning that only guests currently staying at Naiko Retreat will be on the tour (maximum 6 people) We have no tour buses or multiple groups for any of Australian birdwatching tours as we feel it dilutes the experience and makes it much more difficult to get up close to the wild birds and animals. Our tours are 4 hours long and involve hiking so be sure to bring comfortable walking gear and good hiking boots as we’ll be traversing the hills to get close to more scrub and woodland habitats.

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