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Birding Tours South Australia

South Australia has over 450 species of birds which makes it such an amazing place to go birdwatching. We offer a half-day tour, full day tour and overnight birdwatching tour; all in different regions of the state. All the tours are completely private being only the guide and you and your guests, which means we can get really up and close with the birds and wildlife! No tour buses or multiple groups means that you can learn more, see more and customise the birding tour to your liking. Plus, as part of the tours you’ll get all the photos taken on the day completely free!

Deep Creek Birding Tour

Coorong Birding Tour

Gluepot Reserve Tour

Birds in Adelaide

Adelaide and the surrounding regions of South Australia is home to a huge variety of birdlife making it an ideal place for twitchers to explore. Adelaide is home to gorgeous birds like fairy wrens, lorikeets, flycatchers, kookaburras, nightowls, rosellas, eagles and so much more! The further state provides ample opportunities for birding and wildlife spotting and Birdwatching Australia is here to help you with our private guided tours. With tours in Deep Creek National Park, Coorong National Park and Gluepot Reserve; we are aiming to bring as much diverse experiences to the birdwatching community and people looking at trying a birdwatching tour. These places have been chosen for their diverse species lists and exciting landscapes, making for great outtings. 

Bird Photography Tours Australia

Having worked with professional wildlife photography in Australian Tourism industry we have had a blast taking wildlife and birdlife photos over many years. We wanted to bring our passion of bird photography and Australian travel together to create private small-group guided birding tours where guests can be shown the best spots for capturing photos. Whether you want a photo of a White-Bellied Sea Eagle or want to get close to some Royal Spoonbills; there is a tour to suit you.

Birdwatching in South Australia

South Australia’s diversity in landscapes and habitats is what makes it such a great home for the variety of birdlife found here. Whether it’s coastal, woodlands, forests, grasslands or deserts the different areas all come with their own collection of birds, wildlife and landscapes to explore.

Birdwatchers Adelaide

Like any place in the world you’re bound to find a few birders in the area. Luckily, in Adelaide we don’t have to travel far for some good exploration and sightseeing trips. I started Birdwatchers Australia to combine my passion of travel and birdwatching, and hopefully provide more people with the joy of birdwatching through quality private tours. These tours let me meet people who are keen birdwatchers and are looking for some guidance on where to find a particular specie, but also meet people who want to get into this hobby and learn more about birds, wildlife and the regions they’re visiting.

Best birdwatching in South Australia

There are a great spots for birdwatching in SA but I would definetely pick Deep Creek National Park and Coorong National Park as my favourite. I feel these two locations give you so much opportunity to see the widest variety of birds in the most accessible form. Deep Creek and Coorong National Park have such different habitats meaning the list of birds in these areas is very different. Deep Creek’s woodland and dramatic coastline will have you find birds like Honeyeaters, Fairy-Wrens, Thornbills, Wedge Tail Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Whistlers and Kookaburras.

Whilst Coorong’s shoreline, beaches, sand dunes, lakes and coastal lagoons will have you finding Pelicans, Swans, Egrets, Herons, Spoonbills, Grebes, Terns, Stints, Avocets and even Emus walking the white sand beaches. These two locations make for fantastic outtings and if you’re looking for private guided birdwatching tours then you’re in luck! We chose Deep Creek and the Coorong for our first locations due to the incredible variety that you’ll see and the different sightseeing opportunities these regions offer.

Best birding Spots in South Australia

South Australia is home to plenty of amazing bird watching locations and here are our favourite nine birding spots in the state.

Deep Creek National Park

Coorong National Park

Gluepot Reserve

Private Birdwatching Tours Australia

Our private birding tours have been created for bird enthuasiasts and amatuers looking to get in the space. Having been on plenty of birding expeditions over the years as my passion grew, I have found my personal favourite locations for seeing certain bird species and best hidden gems for landscape photography. I want to help more twitchers and nature-passionate travelers experience these amazing places and incredible wildlife by creating half-day tours, full-day tours and overnight tours.

Tours in South Australia

Our goal is to provide the best birdwatching tours in South Australia by keeping the groups small (only you and your guests) and prioritising your tour needs. Whether you want to focus on finding a particular specie or you want to learn more about an area, we can accommodate and customise the tour for your group so you have the best possible experience. With a few tours currently running in South Australia, and looking to expand in different regions across the state, we hope to create a tour option for anyone with a birding or wildlife passion who’s looking for an outdoor expedition.

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